“Revisions” OR “Dear God, what have I done?”


REVISIONS!  Yee-haw!

What’s going on? Once I put my last chapter of Lost Dogs to bed, I wanted to start on rewrites. Immediately. WHICH IS A VERY BAD IDEA particularly as  in the spirit of “get ‘er done-nedness”, I tend to go on a huge slash and burn spree from where there’s no coming back.  We’re talking Viking rampage through the literary countryside.

Luckily, I found a way to stop myself. I call it living life. So I slept and saw a few friends and I may have even gone for a million walks. Then I got really busy. Then I got less busy at which point I didn’t feel like revising because: catching up on Game of Thrones etc…Don’t look at me like that.

Erm, anyway. Two or three or four months later… I finally succumbed to my own guilt trip and acknowledged it was time to make a revision plan.

So I reread Lost Dogs. Questions of the “what-the-hell-is-going-on-here?” variety started to pop up… Holy plot holes, Batman! I didn’t see them before because I was too wrapped up in delivering a chapter a week. Anyway, long story longer, I’ve been writing new chapters and building in more nuanced psychological arcs…and adding new bits of humour. I’ve given Katherine a pass and I’m almost finished Becca. Next up will be Karl. Then….

To be honest, I thought it would take me less time.

Sigh. I’ve got to be even honest-ier here… It’s a lot more fun to post an update than spending my time revising but I guess I should get back at it. Unless it’s time for a break.

Is it?


PS  Come visit me at Clear Signs of Life and get first-hand accounts of the absolute glamour of my life in Toronto.



Signs of Life

I promise I’ll only bug you a few times this week with posts like these, then I’ll quit it with the pleading. My new blog is up. It’s called Signs of Life and I hope you  check it out and subscribe.

If you were looking for Lost Dogs, I’m revising it. If you were a regular reader and missed a few chapters, just send me an email ( ursaminorfilms at gmail dot com ) and I’ll give you a password.



detail, illustration by Hyesu Lee

Illustration detail of larger work by Hyesu Lee


What’s NEXT?


SO. The first draft is complete!

I am SO relieved. The pressure of coming up  with 1500 words a week on top of my other work was at times a bit much. Granted, it wasn’t neurosurgery in the back of a moving jeep sort of hard but I feel a month-long massage while being fed MANY brownies would be fair compensation.

I’ll be removing Lost Dog chapters from public view, soon.  If you’ve been reading along and missed a few chapters, let me know in the comments below. I’ll happily give you access to whatever bits you’d like to read to catch up.

Though my next few months will be focused on a second draft, I’m starting a NEW site which I hope you’ll visit.  It’s called Signs of Life.

Rather than posting longer bits of fiction once a week, I’ll be publishing several short posts on the unique and / or odd people and situations I encounter as I go about life in Toronto. It’s something I do on my personal Facebook pages and my friends seem to enjoy it. Maybe you will too?

I’ll put a link to it here when it’s up and running.